SAPHR_se61_info login screen

how can be changed or where can be changed the message info from login screen into SAP client?

login into system, go to se61 transaction

select Document class: General text (TX)
document name: zlogin_screen_info

press change.

info!!!: is very important the language used when message created, same language should be selected for changing.


SAPHR_RPTQTA00_Absence Quota_Pay scale missing

SAP HR report RPTQTA00 is not able to generate absence quota, for IT2006.
Error “No Standard working time for key 08 MA — 3” country grouping, payscale type, payscale area, grouping, date …

Please check table V_T510I. Here, should be a record for combination described before.


SAPHR_IT2006_Absence Quota_when_contract is changed from limited to unlimited

For case when contract of employee is limited in IT0016 Element Contract, annual absence quota in IT2006 is created prorated with period of contract, end date It2006 = end date contract (IT0000 Action is created for limited period).
If contract is prolonged (IT0000 Action – rehiring is done) and type of contract changed from limited to unlimited during the year absence quota is recalculated for whole year. Please check if IT0007 contains also a new record with start date = start date of unlimited contract. Else, quota absences will not be right calculated.

New value is automatically proposed using RPTQTA00 report or Default Value button.



SAPHR_G/L_accounts_transport from one system to other SAP HR system:

One G/L account created under General Ledger Accounting (New)–> Master Data –> G/L Accounts is not automatically saved on transport request. For transporting, can be used OBY9 transaction, select the transport request number. In this case, assignment of G/L account to company code is not included, from my experience. for this, go to se10 and include: Program ID “R3TR”, object type “TABU”, object name “SKB1” and double click on Function where client, company code and account or * can be added:

for example: 0101000*, means client 010, company code 1000 and all G/L account.




For customizations, first step is to define the bank accounts, all details in FBZP (transaction) or Financial Accounting -> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -> Business Transactions -> Outgoing Payments -> Automatic Outgoing Payments -> Payment Method/Bank Selection for Payment Program.


SAPHR_Holiday Calendars, Public Holidays hints

Few hints for Holiday Calendar and Public Holiday SAP HR maintenance:

A. For floating public holiday, date should be inserted for every year. If you change directly the public holiday, this new date is not displayed in public calendar. For this:

1. fist step is to delete public holiday from holiday calendar,
2. after that change/update public holiday and in the final,
3. go and assign again public holiday to holiday calendar.

Floating public holiday can be updated with new date for certain year with Change Public Holiday –> Insert date –> Change and Save.

B. Public Calendar’s changes are saved without transport request. For transporting to other system, you just finalize your updates and select “Transport” or “F8”, where workbench request will be defined. All Holiday Calendars, Public Holiday, Factors will be transported in this step.

C. If one public holiday is not anymore valid in one Holiday Calendar, don’t deleted it from Calendar, just delimit the end period for assignment. And, vice-versa, if new public holiday needed in calendar then assign this starting with year for which public holiday is valid.


SAPHR_Time schema pcr rounding to 2 decimals

In time management schema, DZL working with 4 decimals. CUMBT function summarize records from DZL to ZL using rounding to 2 decimals. If you want to make rounding per day, an issue with be for very small differences. Then, your rounding should be done for 2 decimals, as for example:

PZL pcr *

where pcr is rule for wagetype 8020

roundh 60