SAPHR_SAPscript text SO10 transport

Dear all,

How can be transported from one SAP HR system to another one a sap script text, created in SO10, original system?

Solution from experience can be: transport can be done with report RSTXTRAN and, which is very important, the fields on screen should be filled as follow:
1. “Name of correction” is number of customizing task (see note from below)
2. “Text key – object” is “TEXT”,
3. “Text key – name” is name of script text created via SO10,
4. “Text key – ID” is “ST”
5. “Text key – language” is language for which script text was created via SO10.

Note: for customizing task, go to se10 (or se09) and create a Customizing transport request. Take the task and use this one for first field of report screen selection.


SAPHR_Excel export data

Dear all,

xls file extracted from SAP, how can be freeze first two rows?

Solution: mark line(row) under rows which need to be freeze and go to Menu –> View –> Freeze Panes –> Freeze Panes.


SAPHR_Error idoc No measurement unit is assigned to ISO code ACT

Dear all,

Idoc error BM034 when Message Type is processed (for example COAMAS), “No measurement unit is assigned to ISO code xxx”.

Error can be solved if internal code will be assigned to ISO code.
Go to –> CUNI transaction (V_T006I SAP Table), “ISO codes” button, and add ISO code which missing (for example “ACT”).
After than, check in “Units of measurement” if any Unit exist with your ISO code assigned (see field T006-ISOCODE). Please select corresponded unit or measurement on screen selection. If not exist, you can create new one and assign ISO code.


SAPHR_SM35 Stop batch input session

Dear all,

In SAP, transaction sm35, processing of batch input map in “foreground” or “display errors only”, if you want to stop this before end of processing, command “/bend” can be used. Go to command field and write /bend, and press . Session will be terminated, message “Processing of batch input session completed” will appears.

Session can be restarted and unprocessed records will be done, or records with errors. You can correct errors and repeat processing of session since batch input will be done for all records in properly way.


SAPHR_Filter Objects for Receiver Determination of Methods

Dear all,

I tried to set filter for BUS0004, controllingarea.find, in BD64, SAP HR, distribution model and this can not be added.
Solution seems to be to add filter in TBD16 table – Filter Objects for Receiver Determination of Methods.


Now, in BD64 or SALE transaction, in SAP, filter group is available for creating.


SAPHR_Order have not assigned business area error IDOC

SAPHR Internal order have not assigned business area error IDOC

HR and FI/CO are two different SAP systems. Cost elements are send from FI/CO to HR.
If error appears when IDOCs are processed for internal order: “order have not assigned business area” then follow the check in both systems:

if flag “Business area fin. Statements” is setup (it forces the check whether business area is assigned to the cost center).

if differences exist go to spro: Financial Accounting (New) –> Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) –> Global Parameters for Company Code –> Enter Global Parameters select company code and exclude the flag from Business area financial statements required.

Error appears if in FI/CO SAP system this flag is not setup but in HR SAP system exist one for corresponded company code.


SAPHR_Segment xx not found error

SAPHR – Segment xx not found error

Issue: When IDOC is processed, it is not possible to create an Internal Order. When employee is hired using cost center transferred from FI system, it is not possible to assign an employee to a cost center from new company code.
Error message “Segment 10 not found” appears.
Missing customizations, please check if Segments are defined in table V_FAGL_SEGM. Or go to spro: Enterprise Structure  Definition  Financial Accounting  Define Segment



IT0048 – Residence status, “CHL1”, “CHL2” or “CHL3” status issues
All the ELM customizations were done with success. After EHP7 and SP 6.08 1-18 implementations errors appear:
1. If actual status is changed with CHL* status, the saving message appears but not real saving.
2. If status CHL1 or CHL2 or CHL3 should be changed with other one (exception CHL*), the saving cannot be done, short dump appears.
Please check the table V_T582L and V_T582G. If CHL1, CHL2, CHL3 is country specific in V_T582L, should be also part of V_T582G table. Grouping Reason for Personnel Assignments = “XMOL”, HR: Group Before Assignment Start – “X”.